Panalyt Connect 

Work on making decisions, not data pipelines
With Panalyt Connect, you can pull all your data from your business tools, connect it, and make it available to your teams today.
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Get up and running in four simple steps



Connect your HR systems, upload your files or use automated processes to import your data



Configure and map fields in our user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface



Panalyt extracts and transforms your data and makes it available to your data science and BI teams.



Analyse in your BI tool of choice, or leverage Panalyt's pre-built dashboards. Your data is yours to explore and leverage.


We build and maintain data pipelines to routinely ingest all your people data into a highly scalable and secure integrated people data warehouse built for advanced people analytics that connects to your preferred BI tool so you can focus on finding insights and solving business problems.
Connects to any source of people data, including these sources
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Panalyt is built on the highly scalable and secure Google Cloud Platform and uses Google Big Query, enabling you to easily access your people data and extract actionable insights.


All the power and flexibility of Google's innovative tools, at your service. 

Premium Features
Access and analyse snapshots of your data at any point of time
Your data optimised, cleaned and merged for advanced analytics
Data Models
Leverage analytics ready data models for people analytics, including Attrition Predictions, Compa Ratio, Recruitment Metrics, etc
Live industry benchmarks for Compensation, Attrition, Gender Balance etc.
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