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Panalyt centralizes all your data to enable better people decisions

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Find a dashboard for any need

The Panalyt Marketplace has dashboards for any question or area you want to analyse. 

or build one tailored just for you

My story allows you to import charts and metrics from other dashboards to tell your own story.

With our granular user permissions, users can only see charts they can have access to. Dashboards and Stories are easy to share with data permissions, and export into powerful presentations.

Data-Driven Companies Trust Panalyt

More than just a reporting tool

For data-savvy organisations, Panalyt can integrate and clean your people data so that it can also be used in other common BI tools.

Combine and analyze data from anywhere

Connects to external systems with ease

Leverage Panalyt's analytics-ready unified employee data platform to empower your BI teams

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Learn how to leverage people analytics to your best advantage.

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If you aren't using all the available people data, it isn't People Analytics.

It isn't Panalyt.

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